"I love myself, it’s not a sin. I can’t control what’s happening. Cuz I just discovered, imagination’s taking over. Another day without a lover, the more I come to understand the touch of my hand." #ManCrushMonday #MCM #Me #Myself and #I


My baby
Welp. Here ya go.


Still in love with Judas, baby.

One of my drag daughters. jade embers. Turnrd the party with Judas

When my drag mother makes these comments about me, I can’t tell you how liberating it feels. She’s a tough drag mother because she wants all of her daughters to strive for perfection. So when she says that I’m improving, she means it. Very validating. I know I have A LOT to work on, but it’s nice to see it can be acknowledged every once and a while. 
For everyone wondering how the drag transformation process looks (through pictures), here it is. Maybe I’ll make a video soon. This is a Yara Sofia inspired look done on my face by my sister, Freeda Bone. 

Missing this so much right now.

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I miss my best friend more than anything right now. Not being able to see her is really taking a toll on me right now. I miss the nights that we used to stay awake til the sun was up, constantly laughing until one of us had to pee. I miss randomly wanting a piercing and knowing that she was gonna be right next to me when I got it done. I miss being able to go out to eat with her, trying to not draw attention to the ourselves; the 19 year olds acting like 12 year olds. But most importantly, I miss being able to cry in front of her knowing that she’s the only person who could comfort me. 
I’ve never felt so alone than I do without her. 

Garry Cohen | Jade Embers

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Me as Jade Embers