To end rumors, I’m not auditioning for RPDR. I wanted to, but to be honest, I’ve procrastinated too much and I don’t have any time to make my video. So here’s to next year, hopefully.

Yes, I’m slightly bitter. -_-

I hate when I dream about you. Because I always wake up.

It’s one thing to be heartless, but to pretend to be just makes you look stupid. Be a man. Own up to your emotions.

What a twisted game. Can’t be bothered anymore.¬†

I guess you got even.

In a race for a prize, who ever moves fastest wins. Same rule applies for romance. If you slow down on chasing someone, someone passes you.

If you want my leftovers, you can have them. Lol I have no interest in reheated spoiled goods.

My mind tricks me into thinking I need someone to be happy. 

Fuck people. I love myself. And nobody here is worth my attention.

Ultimately, I know where this is all gonna lead to. So idk if I should just spare me some heartbreak, and call it quits before it begins or actually try.

I legitimately cannot wait to be a married man. I am going love my husband so much that he never has to go to bed doubting our relationship’s strength. I’m going to tell him how beautiful I think he is everyday. I am going to hold him any chance I get. Make every kiss count. I am going to do everything he desires. Get him anything he wants. He is going to be the most (unwillingly) spoiled man alive. I wish I could be married now. I wish I had someone by my side as I enter this next phase of my drag career to keep me thinking positively. I want to hold his hand down the red carpet of my first movie premiere. I want to know that he’ll be my last kiss. I want to raise my children with him. Argue with him over stupid things and then make up. I want amazing sex with a man who loves me as much as I love him. I want a lot. But in actuality it’s not too much to ask for.

You could have been him.

I’ll always be the only one who knows the real you. Which means nobody will be able to love you the way I do. The new people around like what they see. But they don’t see you, they see a lie or two or three. Embrace who you are and say what you feel. Because that’s when you’ll find a love that’s real. Whether it be with him, someone else, or—-hell even me. You’ll be able to know that you are truly happy.