Anonymous said: would you ever date any ex's again?

I’d only fuck a few again. Never date

Let me show you how to transform. #TransformationTuesday #JadeEmbers #TheTransformerOfTampa
Last nights look for Queen of the Night at @liquidtampa #jadeembers #thetransformeroftampa
Y’all know how I get when people draw me. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m always so impressed with how talented you are. But last night, I was given this drawing my a new friend of mine, @painkillercam. When I say my jaw dropped, I whole heartedly mean it. I’ve never seen an interpretation like this of me. The detail he put into really capturing my bone structure is absolutely incredible. I can never thank you enough, Cam. Definitely one of my new favorites! It will be hung on my wall very shortly. Everyone give him a follow and check out his artwork! #JadeEmbers #thetransformeroftampa
Come out to Power Infiniti’s Queen of the Night and support an incredible person/performer and one of my best friends on his way to victory. Nobody deserves this win more. #TeamKaotica
Keep workin’. Keep hustlin’. Stay humble. Photo by: @saeednaz #JadeEmbers
Goddess. Photo by @saeednaz #JadeEmbers #TheTransformerOfTampa
Just a little taste of Frat House Thursdays at @liquidtampa! Catch me hosting the show every Thursday night! Love you guys and I love my Liquid Family! #JadeEmbers #liquidtampa